What exactly is computer programming?

  First of all lets have a look at the trends going on in the software domain. I have seen people pursuing computer science for their graduation without any idea regarding what it is all about and ending up dropping out or perhaps not since they just want to complete the course despite being aware of the fact that this is not my field.Most of them goes with the trend i,e imitating others and thereby opting computer science as one of their family members took it.While others may be forced by their family or peers to do so ending up learning things other than what they intended to learn.Yet another reason for students pursuing computer science is due to the rapid development of technology within which the vital role of computer science has increased the number of job opportunities globally.On theother hand there are also myths spreading  out like with automation the job opportunities in the software industry will decrease gradually.But,why do this people forget the fact that in order to…

Which programming language should I learn as a beginner?

computer programming

If you are someonetrying to learn computer programming or a student pursuing computer science the first question that comes to your mind will be which language to start with or choose from the huge list of languages available on the market. I'm sure that you may have heard the myth that as a beginner you should always start with 'C' or you may have received similar advices  from other people saying that 'C' is the mother of all the languages out there and all of them are derived from it.

                                                              There is no rule that  a beginner should always start with C programming language. I'm not saying that C is a bad language or you shouldn't learn it but just clearing up the myth. In fact I learned C as my first language at school. You can start with any language but before that you should have an idea regarding what you need make with it. For instance, if you want to become an Android develope…